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Lil Wayne Slams Riyadh After His Weed Was Confiscated

by Iyzklez
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Following His Recent Visit To Riyadh For A Music Festival, Weezy Vows To Never Set Foot In The Capital Of Saudi Arabia Again But Then Quickly Deletes His Angry Post.

Lil Wayne was fuming after his weed was allegedly seized in Riyadh. The rapper took to Twitter to vent his frustrations, vowing to never set foot in the capital of Saudi Arabia again. “Never going to Riyadh again!!!” he wrote the message that has since been deleted.

Details of what happened are unclear, but Weezy was in the country for a scheduled performance at the Diriyah Music Festival along with fellow rap stars Tyga and Future. Before flying to the country for the event, he excitedly greeted his online fans from the capital city, “See you soon Riyadh!!”

Instead of getting sympathy, Weezy came under fire. One commented, “With all due respect, when you receive an invitation from a foreign country, before accepting that invitation, would you please read about the country and its regulations first? Not allowing weed in Saudi doesnt make us bad. FYI, even in US, some states still prohibiting weed.”

Another wrote, “You were informed that drugs is not legal in Riyadh and u agreed and that why u had the honor of performing in Riyadh. But u r so f**ked, that after u got ur money u started judging the city? How pathetic lol.”

Meanwhile, some others said Weezy should be grateful he was not sent to prison despite the country’s strict drug policies. “Drugs are not allowed in Saudia Arabia and I am sure that our guys informed you before, and you thought that we are kidding,so shut up and go back to your home,” an official wrote.

The rapper was also mocked in this tweet, “Im sure they have informed you, drugs are not allowed here. But you though we are in desert, who will know.”

All in all, Weezy was scolded for not respecting the country’s rules.

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