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’90 Day Fiance’ spoilers: Are Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi still together? Has the ’90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days’ couple split?

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90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days has shown Angela Deem fearing she may lose Michael Ilesanmi over not being able to have a baby, so did the 90 Day Fiance couple call it quits after filming Before the 90 Days or are they still together?

[90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Spoilers Warning: Please stop reading now if you don’t want to find out whether Angela and Michael are still together and what’s the latest on the 90 Day Fiance couple].

Angela and Michael, whose formal name is Kehinde Ilesanmi, initially starred on Season 2 of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days before appearing on the currently-airing third season on TLC.

Angela was a 52-year-old nursing assistant for hospice from Hazlehurst, GA, when she met Michael, a 30-year-old from Nigeria, for the first time online.

Angela — a divorced grandmother of six children — never thought she’d walk down the aisle again, but then she came across Michael on Facebook.

The pair talked on the phone for several months until Angela decided to travel to Nigeria in order to meet Michael in person.

Despite having received warnings from friends that Michael might be scamming her, Angela intended to propose marriage right away.

But once the pair got to know each other better in Nigeria, Angela discovered some red flags, including the fact Michael had admitted to receiving oral sex from a woman at a club.

Angela therefore postponed her marriage proposal and realized she needed to give herself some time to get to know Michael better as well as his intentions.

After all, Michael’s motives for dating Angela were unclear since it was his dream to come to the United States and be a successful businessman. Michael seemed to idolize President Donald Trump.

Angela also had trust issues and Michael made mistakes after mistakes in Angela eyes. They fought constantly, but Angela insisted she and Michael were in love and made up after every argument.

Angela therefore decided she’d go ahead with the process of bringing Michael over to the United States.

After their stint on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days’ second season, Angela broke up with Michael during the filming of the season’s Tell-All special because he called her his “elder.”

At the time, Angela insisted that she was “done” with Michael repeatedly, but that didn’t turn out to be the case.

In September 2018, Michael reportedly told a fan who commented on his Facebook page that he was “engaged” and expecting to move to the U.S. in 2019 under “God’s grace” before changing his privacy settings to restrict public viewing of his posts.

Days after the Season 2 Tell-All special aired on TLC in October 2018, Angela also changed her relationship status to “Engaged” on Facebook.

In November of that year, Angela confirmed she and Michael were still an item during an interview with In Touch Weekly.

“I’m in love with him. I don’t just love him. I can move on, but why? We’ve come this far,” Angela told the magazine at the time.

“Me and Michael have been together before any of this and we’re going to make it. It’s just going to be hard. I miss him extremely and I want to be with him.”

During the new season of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days, Angela discussed how her relationship with Michael had evolved since their last appearance on the franchise.

“Michael and I have been engaged for about a year now. Truth of the matter is we have some issues still, but I love him and I miss him, so I filed for the K-1 visa. And when he gets here, we’ll get married. I love him that much,” Angela told the cameras.

Angela only spent two weeks with Michael in Nigeria when they first met in person, but she was already planning for their wedding day in the United States — the venue and all.

Angela learned, however, the paperwork for Michael’s visa was being processed in California and would take five to eight months to clear.

She was also warned by her lawyer to take this decision very seriously because she’d be on the hook for Michael financially if he arrives in the U.S. His entry alone would also cost Angela thousands of more dollars.

“He tells me what I want to hear and then he does what he wants,” Angela vented to the cameras, wondering whether Michael even cared for or respected her.

As a result, Angela traveled to Nigeria again to see Michael and get to the bottom of things. She acknowledged the visit would “make or break” their romance.

“I miss him… [but] I gotta make sure he is the right one, so we really need this time together to make sure we’re doing the right thing… We’ve got to work things out,” she said.

Angela believed Michael “constantly lied” to her and so they had to work out their issues before he moves to the United States. Angela insisted, however, Michael wasn’t a bad guy and she was really excited to see her “baby.”

Based on what Michael shared with viewers, he had changed his lifestyle a lot to please Angela. His friends actually made fun of Michael for being whipped and not hanging out with them much anymore.

“[Angela] say now I’m engaged so I can’t be doing such things like that,” Michael said in a confessional.

Michael’s friends poked fun at Angela’s age and said Michael had changed ever since meeting the “bossy” American woman. They also called Angela “a sugar mama” since she had asked Michael to stop working and often sent him money to take care of things.

Michael’s friends were surprised Michael allowed Angela to be the head of household, but Michael suggested that was only temporary.

“Of course I do miss working and going out, but I’m worried Angela will get mad at me. Like when I went out on my birthday, she was super pissed at me,” Michael told the cameras.

Michael’s intention for Angela’s return to Nigeria was to win her trust back, and he was hoping no new issues would come to light.

When Michael met Angela at the airport, they embraced and kissed. But Michael knew a lot was on the line because if Angela couldn’t grow to trust him, his chances of moving to the United States would be slim to none.

Michael gushed about how happy he was to see Angela because he had missed her “so, so much.”

Once the pair returned to Michael’s place, Angela gave Michael some gifts including Donald Trump boxers. He was excited because Angela was in a good mood and wanted to be lovey dovey.

Angela said Michael was “all about this white chocolate” and had become more comfortable with his sexuality. She planned to make love to him and enjoy their first night together.

When Angela woke up the next morning, she was so happy and gushed about being “in love” with Michael. She said their first night together in one year was amazing, but she was still mad about Michael going out with friends for his birthday.

The couple then drove for an hour to the beach, but Angela was aggravated and picked a fight in the car on the way to the boat cruise.

Angela asked Michael if he had been on a boat cruise before, and he said “yes,” when he was younger with his uncle.

Angela, however, called Michael out for lying because she had seen a photo of him on a boat near the same boat dock with women on the boat.

Angela accused Michael of being “a damn liar” and said she wanted to go back home. She told Michael to get his own hotel room for the night because she was “done” with him.

“I’ve had it! I’m sick of his lying and his bullsh-t. I don’t want to see him again. He’s not sleeping in the room with me. I don’t know where he’s going, and I don’t give a f-ck. I am done with Michael for good,” Angela told the cameras.

Michael followed Angela to the hotel lobby, where she was having a drink, but she told him to get away and swore at him. Angela called him a “b-tch” and threatened to punch him right in the mouth unless he left her alone.

Michael, however, refused to leave the hotel because he really wanted to work things out. Angela was clearly upset, but Michael figured a little time would allow Angela to cool down.

“How much respect to I get from this man whom I give everything I got extra?” Angela vented in a confessional, adding she didn’t want to bring a man home who made her mad all the time.

“I gave him warnings after warnings, and I don’t have to put up with no sh-t like that. Me and Michael are done.”

Michael apparently slept in his car that night since Angela had thrown his belongings into the hallway at their hotel.

When Angela walked outside after spending the night away from Michael, Michael was there waiting for her — but she ran off.

Michael brought Angela a cake to try to apologize and make things up to her — because that had worked for Michael in the past when they fought — but she threw the cake in his face.

Michael didn’t think he deserved that, regardless of what he had done, and he felt really embarrassed. Michael was really starting to think things were over between them.

After spending three days in Nigeria and traveling 7,000 miles, Angela couldn’t believe her relationship had fallen apart because Michael chose to lie about something “as stupid as” being at a boat dock before.

Angela was “sick of” Michael making mistakes. Angela wasn’t ready to forgive Michael yet, but she said they needed to talk.

Angela apologized for the cake incident and said people who love each other don’t treat each other this way.

Angela acknowledged their relationship was “caustic” and lacked trust, and she wondered deep down whether Michael really was using her to come to the United States.

Michael apologized for breaking Angela’s trust, but he promised to be honest with her going forward. Michael wanted to make things up to Angela, but she had apparently heard that many times before.

Angela asked Michael flat out whether he was using her for “a visa,” and he replied, “Hell no. Hell no.”

Michael told Angela that he wanted to change and would stop his bad behavior, but Angela said she’d absolutely be done if he messed up again.

The couple therefore kissed and made up, but Angela was clearly still uneasy about the situation.

After the couple started getting along again, they made a trip to see Michael’s mother. Angela told Michael’s mother that she’d try every way possible to give Michael a child.

Michael wanted to carry on his family name, so he hoped Angela’s daughter would be willing to carry their baby.

Michael’s mother said if the medical procedure didn’t work, Angela would have to release him and allow Michael to have a baby with another woman. But Angela insisted, “That’s not happening!”

“I don’t believe in that… No. Absolutely not… Who does that?!” Angela vented.

Michael’s mother wasn’t happy to hear Angela wouldn’t do everything in her power to give Michael a baby, so tension was high and Michael was stuck in the middle of the two women in his life.

Angela loved Michael’s mother’s honesty, but she worried about the possibility Michael might run off and have a baby with another woman. Michael explained that’s part of Nigerian culture and it’s “a regular thing.”

Michael said polygamy is acceptable in his home country, so Angela feared Michael would come to the United States and leave her if she couldn’t have a baby with him.

“I’m not going to do it, but if you want me to do it…” Michael began.

“If I let you,” Angela corrected him. “If I said it was okay, you would have sex with another woman to impregnate her to have another baby. I am f-cking shocked you would say that,” Angela told him.

Angela wanted to hear Michael say that he would never do that to her. Angela wished Michael wanted her baby, not just any woman’s baby so he could carry on the family name.

Angela said Michael would have plenty of time to welcome a child once she’s “dead and gone” because she would never agree to or allow Michael to impregnate another woman.

“I would be lying if I tell her I can be happy without a child,” Michael admitted, adding that he promised Angela to be honest going forward and so he needed to do that.

Michael therefore let Angela know she wouldn’t be enough without a baby, and so she yelled at him, saying he should have found a younger woman to date. But Michael insisted he wasn’t going to leave Angela and they could explore their options at the fertility clinic.

“I’m not saying I’m going to leave you, baby. I’ll still be with you,” Michael noted.

Angela, however, wondered whether Michael was just lying to her again, and so she had a lot to think about.

Since Angela was prepared to try to have a baby with Michael, so they went to a fertility clinic together. Angela felt a lot of pressure, knowing how difficult — or maybe even “impossible” — it would be to have a baby.

Angela feared Michael would use the excuse of a baby as a reason to not marry her and back out of their relationship.

Angela revealed at the clinic she had stopped having her period seven months ago, and so she was told she may not be ovulating or fertile anymore. Angela was advised that chances of fertility drop 90 percent after age 40.

Angela then had a transvaginal scan to test her ovaries, because Michael needed to find out what their chances were of having a baby together. Angela admitted she must be “crazy” to do this “sh-t” for a man.

No fibroids or abnormalities were found in Angela’s uterus, and she was told things were looking “beautiful.” Angela had no eggs or visible follicles in her right ovary, but there was one egg in her left ovary.

However, a doctor may not be able to make use of Angela’s one egg due to her age. Other options therefore needed to be discussed, and Angela wondered if her daughter would give her one egg.

Angela and Michael therefore FaceTimed with Skyla, and Michael asked Skyla flat out if she could give the couple one of her eggs.

Skyla immediately replied, “No,” insisting it was “a dangerous procedure” and “complications happen.” She also didn’t like the idea of her own child being raised by Angela and Michael.

“Y’all don’t need no baby,” Skyla yelled, adding that she was angry Michael would even ask and put her mother into that position.

Michael said it was important to him to have a baby that could carry on his family name, but Skyla said she wouldn’t even sell her egg for a million dollars.

Michael confessed to the cameras he’d be “unhappy” without a child in his life.

Angela was feeling “uneasy” about her future with Michael due to the baby situation, but then tension escalated when Michael asked her to meet up with his friends whom she apparently hated at a bar.

Angela didn’t know why Michael’s friends wanted to spend time with her because she didn’t think they respected her or her relationship. Angela thought Michael’s friends were bad influences on him, and she had accused them of speaking negatively about her behind her back.

Angela said the boys “laughed at [her] misery” and real men would advise Michael to go home and take care of his fiancee.

Michael’s friends told Angela that she was possessive and controlling, which prompted Angela to throw a drink at one of them. The men didn’t think Angela has good character.

“I’ve got no patience for this bullsh-t — none,” Angela told the cameras, as Michael attempted to comfort and calm her down at the table.

Angela yelled at Michael’s friends and they all left the table one by one. Michael felt embarrassed and noted his friendships would probably never be the same again.

“I wish she would just talk instead of yell, but she gets upset so quick, and I don’t know if I will be able to cope with this for the rest of my life,” Michael said in a confessional.

Skyla, however, told Angela during an episode earlier in the season that she “might” consider being a surrogate for the couple.

Michael admitted he wasn’t happy with Angela and was disappointed in her attitude and behavior from the previous day. Michael had expected more, and he didn’t appreciate the fact Angela had yelled at his friends and embarrassed him like that.

“I’m going to be your wife, and I know sometimes, I’m not right in how I act,” Angela told Michael.

“But don’t put no one before me except for God and of course your mom. I need to know that no matter what condition I’m in, I have you there no matter what. That’s why I’m here.”

Michael promised Angela that he’d be by her side, and with that being said, Angela decided to make things right and apologize to his friends for how she had acted — but not for what she had said.

Angela felt bad for embarrassing her fiance, and Michael was thankful to hear Angela cared.

Angela eventually smoothed things over with Michael’s friends, but she still feared she wouldn’t be able to live up to cultural expectations as Michael’s fiancee.

Angela and Michael then headed to their engagement party in Nigeria, and Angela only had a few days left with her fiance.

Angela was finally starting to trust Michael, and she was looking forward to the big family event.

“But I am nervous as crap,” Angela admitted.

Angela met some of Michael’s relatives for the first time, including his brother Yekini, and she planned to tell Michael’s mother that having a baby was going to be “very tough.”

Angela therefore didn’t know what was going to happen, and she acknowledged Michael’s mother Aduke may not want Angela for her son considering they couldn’t produce a family together.

There were beautiful gifts to open and a dinner table set with matching colors. Angela was dressed in traditional garments and gathered the confidence to present herself to everyone with pride.

Everyone wished Angela and Michael well, and Angela felt loved and a part of his family. She thought the celebration was wonderful, and everyone seemed to accept and embrace Angela.

Angela, however, didn’t end up telling Aduke about her visit to the fertility clinic. Angela just told Aduke her uterus looked beautiful and she could carry a baby because she didn’t want to lose Michael.

Angela decided as a result she’d try to have a baby “one way or another,” because she wasn’t prepared to lose the love of her life or disappoint and distress Aduke.

Did Michael and Angela end up breaking up, or is the 90 Day Fiance couple still together?
As recently as October 1, Michael posted a photo of Angela, himself and his friend Kyle.

And in June 2019, Michael posted several photos of the couple together on his Instagram account — including a selfie.

“Never o! Never to be caught unfresh . That’s how star do…. #babakeke #90dayfiancebeforethe90days #Karl #Rihanna #beforethe90days #90dayfiancetea #michael #bbnaija #michaelilesanmi #90daysfiance #star #skibi,” he captioned the image.

In May 2019, Angela confirmed the couple was still together, engaged, and would be returning for Season 3 of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days.

Angela was in New York City for an appearance at the time, and she spilled the beans to a fan who approached her for a photo about how she and Michael were still planning to tie the knot.

“We are getting married! We’re filming Before the 90 Days right now! He’s coming here [to the United States],” Angela told the fan, according to In Touch.

When asked if Michael “learned how to act right” in recent months, Angela reportedly said all good things about him.

“Yes girl, just gotta feed him some chicken and behind closed doors, he ain’t back talking,” Angela reportedly told her fan.

One month earlier, Michael took to Instagram and shared a photo of the couple from when they were filming the 90 Day Fiance spinoff.

“Forever and a day more,” Michael wrote with a heart at the time, showing they were still together at the time.

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